Meherbani – The Divine Voice

cropped-quote-happiest-is-he-who-expects-no-happiness-from-others-love-delights-and-glorifies-in-giving-meher-baba-71-39-291.jpgJai Baba!

I have known of Meher Baba since 2002 / 2003, I can’t really recall. Made several trips over the years to Meherabad and the call to return was always there. For years in a troubled marriage, I searched and searched; attended many workshops and journeyed with many people who were my teachers. And my faith grew and grew.

Baba has carried me lovingly in the palm of His hands through all my troubles. I operated largely out of intuition, I knew it as God’s Grace. Now, I stand for it saying “It was all Baba”

Then, in March 2018, Dadu brought me to Baba’s home in Pune. Here, I met Naeem, Jay, Ankur, Suman, Rahul, and Chero … and Baba became real to me. He was no longer a distant God in the firmament. I experienced His love in our conversations and I knew that I am HOME. I have found the treasure box. Now, it’s up to me how to use this access to the Universal treasure.

My shift is in my awareness. My surrender. My clarity that He is my destiny, my God, my master. And I am his humble servant – his mundu 🤪. I am learning humility, to watch myself as I live according to His will and many times fail miserably 🤣, so what? My teacher is the best in the whole universe, and there will be a day when He will look at me lovingly and say “Come, let’s write poetry together my child”. Till then, the purity of my intent, my willingness to learn and live Baba will keep me going! And I know He will never leave my side. He reads every word I write. He watches over everything I do. So I just do my best!!

Love You, Baba! Thank you for picking me up and putting me on this bandwagon 🙃🤗💕



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